Harvey Dent Is Officially On The Move

It is official, Harvey Dent and his “Dentmobiles” are on the move. I just received an email from the campaign, and they directed me to the newly updated Harvey Dent website. It seems that the show is hitting the road, and now we have a schedule. It also appears that Neil and I will be here in Austin, Texas when the Dentmobiles roll into town. Go to Dent’s site to find out if and when he will be hitting your city. Also, you can download some campaign swag to show your support for our favorite Gotham City District Attourney hopeful. There is also a section that shows off pictures and videos of all of Harvey Dent’s supporters. This new viral campaign for The Dark Knight might get interesting, we will be sure to check out the Dentmobile and tell you what we find out.

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