Harry Potter 6 Featurette Rubs Salt In the Wounds of Fans

Harry Potter 6

We all know that Harry Potter is on his way back into the theaters but for fans who can’t wait until the opening on July 17 there’s a nice featurette on line at MSN that hopefully will keep Harry Potter withdrawal at bay for the faithful.

It’s a little over two minutes and intersperses scenes from the trailer with interviews with the cast. Of course they all say this is going to be the best Harry Potter film ever. And who can blame them? They have a film to promote.

The featurette shows some making-of type scenes and is going to make Potter fans even crazier waiting for the film. Harry is once again called upon to confront the forces of evil. Love is in the air at Hogwarts which of course is threatened yet again by the forces of darkness. I’m most intrigued by the appearance of young Tom Riddle who we all know turns into He Who Cannot Be Named.

The fact is that at this point the boy wizard is immune from critics and reviews, his fans are a legion and will make the film a success. They suffered the blow of the film being moved from the scheduled November ’08 release to July 09, but will enjoy this little glimpse into Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Are you waiting for the return of the boy wizard or do you wish he’d hang up his wand?