Harrison Ford Is Ready For His Nude Fighting Close-Up Mr. Refn

By  · Published on January 29th, 2010

When’s the last time you were excited about a Harrison Ford movie? Go ahead, you can be honest here. (Although if you say the most recent Indiana Jones stinker I’m going to have to ask you to leave). K-19: The Widowmaker is as close as he’s come to a good movie in the past twelve years so it’s understandable if you can’t think of an answer to the question.

But that may be about to change.

According to Empire Online (but fleshed out by the fine folks at The Playlist) Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn begins production this March on The Dying of the Light with Ford reportedly attached in the lead role.

Ford will play a CIA agent nearing retirement who discovers he’s slowly going blind and struggles to complete his last mission before it’s too late. It’s an undeniably interesting premise made all the better by Refn’s involvement.

Refn’s most recent film was the psuedo-biopic Bronson (Landon Palmer’s review here), a visually stylish look at Britain’s most notorious criminal, and it featured a powerhouse performance by Tom Hardy in the title role. Refn showed that he can create an edgy and creative movie without losing focus on the importance of the actor’s contribution.

Of course, Cole didn’t get this scoop back when he talked to Refn in October.

This combination would be a welcome change for Ford who’s done nothing but play it safe in formulaic schlock for more than a decade. Another possible step in the right direction is having a script written by Paul Schader. He of course wrote Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Mosquito Coast, and many more celebrated films (although I’ll always have a soft spot for Hardcore).

Ford will next be seen in the ensemble comedy Morning Glory from director Roger Michell (Notting Hill) and co-starring Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Jeff Goldblum, and Patrick Wilson. Refn’s next film to hit theaters is the eagerly anticipated Viking adventure Valhalla Rising.

What do you think of a Ford/Refn pairing? Could be pretty damn cool me thinks…

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