Harrison Ford Fights for a Cure

Harrison Ford has found the Holy Grail and saved the Universe. In his next film he takes on a deadly disease. Instead of dodging poison darts or kicking terrorists off of Air Force One, the actor plays a researcher who may hold the key to curing a deadly genetic disorder.

In the film Cure he’ll take on the role of a medical researcher contacted by a desperate couple whose children are stricken with the rare Pompe disease.

When two of John and Aileen Crowley’s three children were diagnosed with Pompe disease they wouldn’t accept the grim prognosis. They took matters into their own hands. John Crowley raised 100 million dollars for research and in the film he contacts Ford, a researcher who appears to have discovered a cure.

The film’s subject immediately brings to mind Lorenzo’s Oil the 1992 film starring Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon, based on the true story of a couple fighting to save their son from a rare genetic disorder. Lorenzo Adone, who was the child depicted in the film, died recently at age 30.

The Crowley’s story first appeared as a series of articles in the Wall Street Journal written by Pulitzer prize winner Getta Anand. The series was compiled into a book “The Cure”.

This is the first feature film project for CBS films. Amy Baer who worked at SONY and is now with CBS brought the project to the company. Tom Vaughn, Starter for 10, is in negotiations to direct the film which has been put on a fast track to get it into production as soon as possible.

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