Hancock Endorses Obama, Tarantino Still Talking, Dark Knight Something and Other News

Hancock and Obama

We’ve got the sickness, that terrible illness that seems to be plaguing so many Americans these days: laziness. That said, here are the news stories that we just didn’t care enough about to write full articles so far this week:

Quentin Tarantino Talks Inglorious Bastards
QT continues to insist that not only has he begun production on his long-awaited World War II epic, but that it will be locked, cocked and ready to rock for the Cannes Film Fest. in May 2009. It is either that, or that Justice League movie is coming back and it will be awesome. Our money is on the Justice League at this point. [BBC News]

Richard Kelly’s The Box Gets a Release Date
Despite a title that is relatively sexual in nature, this film is about a suburban couple (James Marsden and Cameron Diaz) who receive a small wooden box from a stranger. Said box apparently bears fatal and irrevocable consequences. Seems like an interesting flick — too bad it isn’t coming out until September 11, 2009. [Collider]

Roland Emmerich’s 2012 Allegedly Has a Plot
The plot in question is spelled out quite articulately by the folks over at Latino Review, who deliver spoiler after spoiler after spoiler. So if you are into that sort of thing, it might be worth a look. [Latino Review]

New Dark Knight Clips Hit the Interwebs
There are currently more than 37 species of promo materials for The Dark Knight, including but not limited to TV spots, trailer, posters, standees, production stills, spy photos, leaked photos, viral websites and snippets. Though, we are not sure what snippets really are. [Slashfilm]

Pierce Brosnan and Nicholas Cage Join Polanski’s The Ghost
It is a movie about a ghostwriter hired to write the memoirs of an ex-Prime Minister starring two of Hollywood’s least interesting actors. I am already asleep… [MTV Movies Blog]

Hancock Has a Message for America
And that message is vote for Obama, as he might just be a superhero? Maybe not, but Rachel Abramowitz over at the LAT seems to have an interesting spin on the whole thing. [Los Angeles Times]

School of Rock 2 is Apparently Very Sad
According to comments made by writer/director Mike White, the script that he himself wrote for a School of Rock sequel left him in tears. Wait, what? School of Rock, sad? This ought to be interesting. [Defamer]

James Cameron’s Avatar Script Doesn’t Sound Bad
Had we taken the time to read this entire script review, we would know whether or not Cameron’s film is going to be ass or not — but we just don’t feel like doing the work, people. Go read it for yourselves. [CC2K]

Bollywood Needs Talents, Turns to Stallone and Arnie
Allegedly the Governor of California and the Chief Executive Officer of Blowing Up Rebel Scum are going to be the one-two punch in Bollywood’s big jump to the states. Universal is giving some Bollywood folk the money to make the film, which will be the first of its kind. The film will be called Incredible Love, and no… it is not about Gay Superheros who get married. [Times Online]

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