Hammer Films Announces New Installment to ‘The Woman in Black’

By  · Published on April 3rd, 2012

Hammer Films’ return to fright cinema, the Daniel Radcliffe-starring The Woman in Black, has proven to be a lucrative spin on the haunted house thriller for the classic movie studio. The film is the highest-grossing British horror film in the past two decades, pulling in over $33m in the UK, with a worldwide receipt that has recently passed the $120m mark. So, of course, Hammer is working on a new installment to the film – and while horror sequels are not often something to get too excited about, this new film already has some creativity behind it that should set it apart from stuff like Jason X: We Set Jason to Space Because We Literally Had No Other Ideas.

ComingSoon reports that the new film, titled The Woman in Black: Angels of Death will be set forty years after the first film and will center on a couple and their experiences at the super-creepy Eel Marsh House. The story is an original one by novelist Susan Hill (who wrote “The Woman in Black” source material back in 1983) that has reportedly been in development for years. Scribe Jon Croker is currently working on the film’s script.

Croker, a relative newcomer to the screenwriting world, does have a history with the new franchise – he served as story editor on the first film. But, perhaps even cooler than that – Croker was also the story editor on bonafide FSR favorite Attack the Block.