Hamlet 2 Red-band Trailer Rocks Sexy With Jesus

[flv:http://media.filmschoolrejects.com/trailers/hamlet2-red.flv 500 270]

Probably one of the silliest and most outlandish films that I’ve seen on the festival circuit this year, Hamlet 2 is one of those films that is completely dedicated to its own ridiculous nature. At its core is the brilliant Steve Coogan, who plays a high school drama teacher who is forced to write a completely original musical in order to save the drama program. His idea, to make a sequel to Hamlet. And as you can see in the trailer above, which is quite good, things get a little out of hand.

Unlike the recent trailer releases of American Teen and The Wackness, two other favored Sundance ’08 flicks, this trailer seems to capture the essence of the film. Kudos to Focus Features, who made this the most expensive film in Sundance history with a price tag of $10 million, for finding the right way to put this one out there for the world to see. As their marketing campaign touts, this movie is about a drama teacher who is going to take a big number two all over theater. This movie, however, takes anything but a number two.

Hamlet 2 was co-written by Southpark scribe and co-producer Pam Brady and Andrew Fleming. Fleming, who also directed, previously brought us films such as Dick and Nancy Drew. Focus Features has Hamlet 2 currently on the schedule for a limited release on August 27th.

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