Gwyneth Paltrow in Leather Should’ve Been the First Iron Man 2 Image

Earlier today our cheeky British friend Brendan Connelly over at /Film filed an interesting report about Gwyneth Paltrow and the expansion of her role as Pepper Potts in Iron Man 2. Of course this news does come from the folks at The Daily Mail — so I must warn you: it is likely to be complete bullshit. According to The Mail, Gwyneth has been hitting the gym hardcore this past week in order to ““make sure she was in perfect shape for a risqué scene in the movie.”

Here’s the rest from The Mail’s Kate Nicholl:

Gwyneth, who returns as Iron Man’s pretty PA Pepper Potts, filmed the sexy scene alongside Robert Downey Jr, who plays Iron Man. ‘Iron Man imagines Pepper in a dominatrix outfit,’ says a source. ‘Gwyneth had to be filmed in a very revealing black leather corset complete with a bullwhip.’

While this may strike instantly hot on the geek-o-meter, it doesn’t exactly sound like the next logical step for the relationship between Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Pepper Potts. In fact, the last time we saw them they were keeping things professional and subtle. Though after a bit of logic and a discussion with a fellow comics expert, Connelly has come up with a series of connections that might make this “sexy leather corset” scene fit:

Mickey Rourke is apparently playing the character Blacklash. He has whips – so that might be where that imagery comes from and enters Stark’s imagination. Secondly, that Scarlett Johansson is supposedly playing the Black Widow as a rather forthright and, might I say, domineering character – so enter Ms. J to take care of that too.

His logic is strong, but I’m still not buying it. Gwyneth Paltrow is a sultry lady — as you can see in the image above — but a Pepper Potts in leather scene doesn’t exactly fit with what we saw from the tone of the first film. Then again, once again I put trust in the hands of Jon Favreau as a storyteller. If this is true I only have two thoughts: (1) this movie should be all kinds of sexy and (2) why wasn’t a picture of this released instead of the highly lame first image a few days ago? Its a valid question and you know it.

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