‘Grudge Match’ Could Pit Rocky Balboa vs. Jake La Motta

In the grand tradition of Freddy vs. Jason and Aliens vs. Predator comes Grudge Match, which pits boxing legends Rocky Balboa and Jake La Motta against each other in an epic battle to the death. Or, probably not. But Grudge Match is an upcoming boxing comedy coming from Tommy Boy and Anger Management director Peter Segal. It tells the story of two retired boxers who step into the ring one last time in order to finally settle an old score. It’s kind of like that episode of The Cosby Show where Combustible Huxtable races Tailwind Turner one final time, but with punching instead of running.

The real exciting news about this project isn’t that it’s a boxing comedy about old dudes, though, it’s the names that are being looked at to play the two leads. The Wrap is reporting that Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro are currently in negotiations. These two are, of course, the two stars of probably the greatest boxing movies ever made, Rocky and Raging Bull, so there’s a whole meta component to their casting that adds to the fact that watching Stallone and De Niro clown around together already sounds kind of fun in a dumb way.

Though the film isn’t yet officially green lit, it’s said to be moving ahead pretty quickly, and one would have to imagine that if Stallone and De Niro do sign on, then it will become official almost immediately after. What do you think? Are you ready to watch these screen legends play around with their legacies, or does Grudge Match sound like it’s going to be a depressing case of two guys past their prime trying to regain lost glory?

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