‘Greetings From Tim Buckley’ Trailer Colors Jeff Buckley’s Origin Story With a Little Romance

Greetings From Tim Buckley Trailer

The story behind now-legendary singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley’s first introduction to the music world is the sort of dramatic, one in a million tale that’s so simultaneously relatable and unbelievable, it seems like somebody should make it into a movie. So somebody made it into a movie. Or, more specifically, Daniel Algrant made it into a movie starring Penn Badgley as Jeff and Ben Rosenfield as his equally notable singer/song writer father, Tim.

The story starts with Jeff as an unknown artist with a famous father, a father that he’s estranged from and never properly knew. His world changes, however, when he’s asked to travel from west coast to east in order to perform at a tribute concert for the man. Suddenly the younger Buckley is put in the position of not only having a big opportunity to show off his talents to the world, but also being forced to wrestle with all of his feelings about a man that he never knew and mostly resents. Of course, we all know that the situation ends with Jeff performing at the show and a new star being born, but it’s the drama of the journey to that point that makes this a story interesting enough to make into a movie.

Not so interesting that it’s going to be carrying all of the narrative weight of Algrant’s film by itself though. No, if this new trailer is any indication, Greetings From Tim Buckley isn’t just going to be a movie about fathers and sons and burgeoning young artists, it’s also got romance on its mind. Imogen Poots plays an organizer of the concert who holds Tim Buckley in high esteem, and when she finally meets the handsome young son of her idol, well…sparks fly. And then it’s all sideways glances, sly smiles, and eventual smooching.

Honestly, the romance stuff may take up no more than 5 minutes of the film, but it’s certainly front and center here in the trailer. Fans of Tim and Jeff will be in line for this one once it gets a release, for sure, but it seems like the studio would also like you to bring a date? Give the trailer a try and decide for yourself whether or not this one’s going to be popcorn-sharing material. [via /Film]

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