Gossip Site Pinky-Swears That ‘Cali’ Won’t Happen Without Kristen Stewart

By  · Published on August 28th, 2012

In the midst of some well-publicized dramas, Kristen Stewart still managed to possibly secure her dream role in Scott Cooper’s Lie Down in Darkness, yet the combination of both her personal life and such a demanding new role seemed to be the culprit when it was reported that Stewart had dropped out of Nick Cassavetes’ snuff film thriller Cali. Earlier this month, it was widely reported that Stewart had left the production (at least in a performance capacity, as she was also set to produce the film), and that Amber Heard was being looked at to potentially take on her role. At the time, outlets even reported a vague bit about the film’s production company releasing a more formal statement, but weeks have passed without a peep – and that could possibly because Stewart has like, totally, like, not even, like left the production.

Of course, that’s if we believe an exclusive report from Hollywood Life. An insider on the production tells the gossip site that the film will not re-cast Stewart’s role and is not being cancelled, saying “Cali is being put on hold until Kristen feels ready…No other actress will replace her as previously reported!” Well, okay!

While I’d normally take something reported by a predominantly celeb-obsessed and gossip-fueled site like Hollywood Life with a grain of salt, you might remember that the first word on Stewart leaving the project also came from another gossip site. While Stewart might be a considered something of an industry pariah right now, gossip sites haven’t let up on covering her life since her, ahem, personal upheavals, so perhaps they have a real read on the situation.

Stewart currently has no other projects on the horizon beyond her likely role in Darkness and her big fat maybe part in a Snow White and the Huntsman sequel, while director Cassavetes has three other projects in development (with none looking to have any big movements on them soon) and co-star Alex Pettyfer is completing his work on The Butler and looking towards Diamond Dogs. Maybe they actually can stand to wait on this one.

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