Gossip Girl 3.1 Review: Reversals of Fortune

by Michelle Graham

Gossip Girl, The CW, Airs Monday 8/7c

Episode: “Reversals of Fortune” (Season 3, Episode 1)

Synopsis: We return to the world of Gossip Girl and her subjects as summer is drawing to a close, with the gang reflecting on the events of the season. Dan and Jenny have adapted to the Van Der Woodsen way of life, if only on the surface. Meanwhile, Serena’s summer abroad shows exactly how far a girl can go to get her daddy’s attention. Apparently events didn’t go as she’d hoped as she made a mad dash exit at the end of the last season. In a shocking twist, Nate and Vanessa did not end up together after their European summer experience. Instead, they’ve found far more interesting partners. As for Chuck and Blair, desperate to avoid falling into the humdrum rut of a regular relationship they’ve opted to play games, both in and out of the bedroom.

Review: For a season premiere, this episode lacked a lot of the punch designed to motivate viewers to stick with the show. Blair and Chuck’s opening game was beyond predictable, with the whole set up screaming, well, set up. Vanessa’s complaining about Dan was irritating, although she claimed it was because he was lying, it definitely appeared more to be his adoption of the high life at all. Dan’s speech to her explaining the reason for so many changes was a high point of the episode, showing Vanessa that she doesn’t know everything about his life. Maybe now she’ll stop whining. Serena’s wild child summer didn’t have the meat to hold up the bulk of the episode, which the writers attempted to have it do. Although her constant fleeing from Carter was interesting, the whole thing was more suited to a side plot.

However, when you think about it as a whole, there’s quite a list of subtle issues off and running. What will happen with Scott, now that he’s managed to insinuate himself into Dan and Jenny’s social circle? What are his motives? Can Chuck and Blair last when all they do is rely on games to keep things fresh? How is Nate’s grandfather going to ruin things for Nate now? That’s all before you cast your mind back to Georgina Sparks and her actions at the end of the last season. These things do linger, though this could be because I’m already a fan.

Of course, with college just around the corner, things are soon going to change for everyone, so perhaps more of the fire will return to GG then. At the moment though, it seems that we’re in somewhat of a “calm before the storm” lull. Hopefully, that will change. The show doesn’t have to rely on fire to survive, but it helps to have some sort of drive to it, rather than just floating in the current.

Up Next Week: “The Freshman” – Blair tries to prove herself Queen Bee of the Freshman class, but an old enemy gets in her way. Serena gets ready for Brown, but a row with Chuck sends her back to Carter seeking help to take him down a peg or two.

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