Google Glass Eventually Enslaves Us In This Inventive Short Film

The March Short Film

Josh Fortune

Why Watch? As a potential upside, we could be uploading our consciousness into a computer to dominate our reality like Johnny Depp (or Ray Kurzweil). As a potential downside, we could be robo-slaves kept pliant by our addiction to an alternative version of reality. Either way, it all starts with Google Glass.

This sharp and brooding short film from Josh Fortune was created for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Competition, and it tells a personal story within the confines of a future history and a metal chassis.

Few movies get away with voiceover as a primary vehicle, but here, a disembodied voice aching to make a connection is thematically perfect. Plus, X27’s (Jared Fortune) vocals are sufficiently world weary and gruff, acting as a consistent reminder that there’s a man inside the formaldehyde.

As for the visuals, the animation is a quaint cut-paper job that evokes the sandier elements of Star Wars. It’s ambitious for a two-day production, but I wonder what kind of fantastical story this team could come up with given more money and, say, a whole week.

What Will It Cost? About 4 minutes.

Via io9

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