Golden God Joins Michael Mann’s New Film

Billy Crudup Joins the Cast of Public EnemiesBilly Crudup, most notably known as Stillwater guitarist Russell Hammond in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous, has joined Michael Mann’s new John Dillinger gangster pic, Public Enemies. According to Variety, Crudup will be playing a younger version of cross-dressing FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in the film currently filming in the Chicago suburbs. Crudup (alongside Mann-favorite Stephen Lang) joins the already-star studded film featuring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Giovanni Ribisi, Stop-Loss star Channing Tatum and Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard.

Crudup, who recently finished production on The Watchmen (as Dr. Manhattan) should be a great addition to what is shaping up to be a huge movie for 2009. He’s already played a government official (in the under-rated M:I-3) and could possibly shed some light on the mysterious Hoover. Rest assured, with Crudup on board, Public Enemies should fly like airplanes of mobster movies.

Crudup and Cotillard co-starred together in 2003’s Big Fish. Public Enemies is due in theaters next year.

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