Go Back Into the Cave with the ‘Descent 2’ Trailer

The Descent 2 HAS A TRAILER

There’s a special place in my heart for The Descent because I got to see it at Butt-Numb-a-Thon where I embarrassed myself by screaming like a pre-pubescent girl. The movie is a strong example of how to take a classic character thriller, mix it with claustrophobia, and add a liberal dash of cave-dwelling humanoid bats in order to change up the direction of the film at the half-way point.

Do I think a sequel is warranted? Not exactly. But I’m not as negative about it as I thought I’d be. After all, the formula is fairly simple if not just a bit innovative, and if they can add in some surprising elements and retain the same number of scares – I’m on board. Women kicking humanoid bat ass is always wanted.

With the trailer, it looks like they are furthering the story along nicely (if you consider the alternate ending as the actual ending) and sticking with themes of close spaces with deadly monsters inside. Cross your fingers for more blood:

Bloody Disgusting tipped us off to this bad boy, and I’m glad. I think it needs a little more energy, but it looks strong for the most part. Hopefully they’re saving some of the best scares and bloody scenes for the film.

What do you think?

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