‘Girlfriend Experience’ Poster Gets Intimate With Sasha Grey’s Mouth


The folks over at Vulture have premiered the first poster for the Steven Soderbergh film The Girlfriend Experience, which is set to launch the acting career of an unknown named Sasha Grey. I say that she’s an unknown because I know that both my mother and grandmother read this site, and I would rather they not know that I watch porn. Wait, nevermind. Set in October of last year, the film stars adult film sensation Sasha Grey as a high-end call girl just trying to make her way in the world as the financial crisis and presidential elections loom. And as I explained in my report from the Sundance Film Festival — where this film was secretly screened for attendees — this film is a vast improvement over Steven Soderbergh’s previous attempts to make a super-cheap, super-fast and loose film. The last one was Bubble, which was awful — and if you think otherwise, you obviously didn’t see it.

This time around Soderbergh has crafted a very vibrant look at the life of a high-end prostitute, one that rests on the shoulders of the film’s leading lady. And who knew that Sasha Grey could lay down some serious acting? For more on that, check out my Sundance report. Check out the first poster for the film below. The Girlfriend Experience hits theaters on May 22, 2009 in New York and Los Angeles. It will be On Demand on April 30th.


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