‘Ginger and Rosa’ Trailer Shows Elle Fanning Getting Serious

Ginger and Rosa AFI FEST

Coasting freely through the festival circuit, Sally Potter’s Ginger and Rosa earned a lot of accolades, including from our own reviewer. The film focuses on two girls (Elle Fanning and Alice Englert) who dress the same, keep their hair the same length and otherwise stick as close as best friends can. Set in the Nuclear 60s, their paths start to diverge after Ginger’s peace activist father stirs the pot with bad parenting and undeniable charisma.

The trailer (via The Playlist) gives us all a strong idea of why the film captured so much attention. Both inwardly emotional and outwardly provocative, the power of this story is on full display alongside a stellar cast.

Check it out for yourself:

Ginger and Rosa is in theaters March 15th.

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