The Gilmore Girls Are Back!

By  · Published on July 28th, 2016

Netflix releases a new trailer for Gilmore Girl: A Year in the Life.

This Thanksgiving, Gilmore Girls fans will be thankful for more than just great food, family, and friends. After months of just talk and set photos, Netflix has finally released the first trailer and premiere date for the show. The revival, titled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, will consist of four 90-minute episodes set almost ten years after the series finale and the death of Richard Gilmore. Each installment will take place during a different season of the year, starting in winter and ending in the fall. All four episodes will be available to stream on November 25th.

The promo brings back all the familiar Stars Hallow haunts of Luke’s Diner, the gazebo, the Dragonfly Inn, and Doose’s Market before giving viewers a glimpse of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, the dynamic mother-daughter duo. Back at their kitchen table drinking coffee and eating Pop-Tarts, the pair chat about smelly plants and the burning questions we all have about celebrities. Lorelei wonders if Amy Schumer would like her or if John Oliver would think she’s hot. Rory, ever the realist, replies no because “water sports” (every true fan knows that Lorelei is definitely not one for the outdoors) and quickly looks up the name of the plant (though, in her Yale days, Rory probably would have known it right off the top of her head).

It seems ironically fitting that this show will be coming back to screens the day after Thanksgiving, as the two protagonists are famous for their endless appetites. There was even an episode where they planned on eating four Thanksgivings back in season three. Fans will surely both savor and gobble up new episodes in their post-Thanksgiving food-baby state.

Gilmore Girls concluded its seven season run in 2007. Fans fell in love with the rapid and snappy banter between Lorelei and Rory, endless pop culture references, and all the quirks that came with the charming small town of Stars Hallow. The show’s creator Amy Sherman-Palladino left the show in before the final season due to creative differences with the network it was airing on. Since then, fans have been clamoring for a revival ever since Palladino revealed that she had a plan for how the show would end, including its final four words. When the revival was announced in 2015, hope of hearing those final four words was once again ignited.

But, it is the words noted in the trailer that leave fans excited now: seasons may change, but some things never will. Seeing this clip is just like running into an old friend after a long period apart. You’ve changed and grown up, but the second you see each other, all the fond memories return. So, until November 25th, I will be eagerly preparing for my trip back to Stars Hallow. Gilmore Girls, where you lead, I will follow indeed.

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