Hasbro Exec Lays Out the GI Joe Movie Battle Plan

Brian Goldner, one of the head honchos over at Hasbro, has been excitedly talking about some stuff regarding the new and upcoming GI Joe movie. While he doesn’t really give too many details, he lays down some basic info that we can look forward to.

Goldner states that the movie will be more in line with the 155 issue Marvel comics run rather than the animated TV show. As a fan who has read probably close to 154 of those issues (damn you number 1!!!) I can safely say that doesn’t narrow it down at all. One of the first missions was a bad ass winter mission that featured a Snake-Eyes who was so disfigured he almost made a General barf, while later on he had the looks of a cover model. There were some good runs, with the SAW Viper mowing down wounded Joes, and some bad runs, with Road Block being the star of his own cooking show.

Which plot lines Goldner mentions by name are a little more helpful, though. He talks about the history of Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow and the Arashikage ninja clan, which will be set up and examined, as well as the origins of Baroness and Duke. He also promised to go more in depth into both the origins of Destroy and Cobra Commander. Interestingly enough, Cobra Commander’s origins in the original run basically set him up as a used car salesman who’s brother caused a car crash which killed the family of Snake-Eyes. CC blamed the ol’ Vietnam (at the time) veteran for the accident and turned evil. Recent comic history has pushed Cobra Commander away from parts of that history (wisely) and made him a bit more charismatic and gave him a tighter history to Snake-Eyes; time will tell what version we get in the film.

The Hasbro Honcho also wanted to lay to rest fears about GI Joe slipping away from its patriotic roots. He says that Duke (Channing Tatum) will be the quintessential American GI Joe and that all the talk of international espionage was intended to talk about the scale of the film, with action taking place across the globe, in snow, on mountains, under the water, and in the desert. Nice.

So all in all we get a few hints at whats coming without any solid leads, but what is there does sound somewhat interesting. The film promises to definitely be an origin piece, which will probably limit it in someways, but most definitely set it up as a future franchise (Quaid has admitted to a 3 picture deal).

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Source: MTV

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