Ghostbusters 3 Rumors Get Slimed

If you heard a rumor that went something like this: “the cast of 40 Year-Old Virgin will be the new Ghostbusters” and thought is was too good to be true? Well, it is.

Dread Central ran a story saying that the original cast (who got together to record the vocals for the forthcoming Ghostbusters video game recently) would come back for another film in which they would “hand over their proton packs” to the likes of Seth Rogen, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, and Romany Malco. /Film responded with a report saying that Dread’s rumor has already been refuted. Anything beyond the video game has not been planned.

So for a moment, fans of the series could rejoice in the prospect of a new Ghostbusters franchise starring the hottest comedic actors working in Hollywood. The reality, though, is that I don’t think I (personally) would like a Ghostbusters franchise not headlined by Murray and Aykroyd. There are too many reboots, remakes, and late, late sequels these days that I think the Ghostbusters door needs to remain closed. I love the idea of a video game, and maybe if this one is successful we can get a new franchise (I don’t like that from the looks of the game footage online you can only play as one Ghostbuster, though) of video games.

Of course it all depends on getting the right people, the right story, and generating the proper amount of interest (which I don’t think will be a problem) all in line. As much as I would LIKE to see a Ghostbusters movie again, we have to remember that Ghostbusters 2 wasn’t EXACTLY a masterpiece. The jury is still out on this one, so those of you who got your hopes up thinking a Ghostbusters movie was right around the corner, you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer?

I know this makes our editor Neil (whose Digg avatar is the Ghostbuster logo) a little sad, but hang in there Neil, there’s still at least some Ghostbuster goodness coming your way via XBox. Provided Activision gets their sh*t together and releases it finally.

Would you want a Ghostbusters 3 with the original cast or new members?

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