Get Trapped in a Room with ‘The Only People Who Have Seen Rob’s Penis’

Experience your most specific stress dream in this tender, funny short!

What’s worse than knowing you’re about to be caught in a lie? Especially when that lie is really embarrassing. Feeling the walls slowly closing in on you as you run out of ways to misdirect others can be overwhelming—suffocating, even. Luckily, Christian Cerezo

is able to make you empathize with the titular protagonist in his short The Only People Who Have Ever Seen Rob’s Penis while still mining every last moment for comedy.

Described by Cerezo as feeling like “Nora Ephron wrote and directed an episode of The Twilight Zone

,” a magical wizard (played by the always funny DC Pierson) intervenes in Rob’s life, bringing him and some notable people from his life — who all have just one thing in common — together for a little game. With its off-kilter premise, the short leans into its inherent weirdness while always keeping a focus on the very real emotions our lead is feeling, keeping it grounded and heartfelt.

Despite all the zaniness and genital references, The Only People Who Have Ever Seen Rob’s Penis

has a very sweet message at its core. Being honest and comfortable with yourself is not always an easy task, but Cerezo makes it look effortless. It just might require a bored wizard looking for some tortuous fun.

Alex Vitti: Excels at only watching the same three shows.