Get an Exclusive Look Inside ‘Doctored’ Documentary With This New Poster

By  · Published on September 21st, 2012

It’s not often that a factoid contained in a press release really jumps out and grabs you, but a note on Bobby Sheehan’s upcoming documentary Doctored is certainly worthy of a major double-take. Did you know that, although the U.S. makes up only 5% of the world’s population, we consume over 50% of all the world’s pharmaceutical drugs? Whoa, right? It’s that incredibly fact that’s at the heart of Sheehan’s compelling and often surprising film.

Doctored centers on the chiropractic profession, “labeled as quacks and cultists,” and the long struggle chiropractors have faced at the hands of businesses and organizations like the AMA. The film illuminates “historical events such as the Wilk vs. American Medical Association case in which the AMA was found guilty of an illegal conspiracy to ‘contain and eliminate’ the chiropractic profession.” Talk about doctored. The film includes interviews with surgeons, MD’s, DC’s, DO’s, high-profile patients like Olympic Gold Medalist Picabo Street, and NBA Hall of Famer John Stockton, along with everyday patients looking for a different way to care for their bodies. After the break, check out the first poster for Doctored. It gets up close and personal.

Doctored opens in Los Angeles on Thursday, September 27th, with a national release to follow.