German Site Reveals That Channing Tatum Could Direct ‘Magic Mike 2,’ Hilarious Translations Follow

By  · Published on September 11th, 2012

Here is a lesson in Internet translation – don’t run stories through Google Translate in German to French to English, otherwise, you just might end up staring at a line that reads “We want it necessarily But Steven Soderbergh is retiring so we are currently looking for a director, it was already the ideas that…Gregory Jacobs (Anm.d .’s note: regular assistant director Steven Soderbergh, director of “Wind Chill”) takes on the director or Reid Carolin and I take over the government, but we are still not safe there” and wondering just what the hell “the government” of Magic Mike 2 is.

Amusing adventures in failed bilinguality (trilingulaity? trylinguality?) aside, a German site called Filmstarts (via French site Allocine, via The Playlist) reports that Channing Tatum could possibly direct the sequel to Magic Mike. Via Google Translate, Tatum is quoted as saying something along the lines of “We really want, but Steven Soderbergh really want to retire. We will undoubtedly make the Broadway version first…Gregory Jacobs can make the film, or we can make it, Reid Carolin and me. But we do not know.” Which means that they want Soderbergh to direct it, everyone is still clinging to this weird “retirement” thing, and either Tatum or Reid Carolin (Tatum’s producing partner and screenwriter on the first film) could step in to direct the film. Maybe. This is, of course, all in another language and could be completely misconstrued. My eyes are still crossed and I’m trying to read German.

What is clear from this Filmstarts interview, however, is that Tatum reveals that the sequel would be a “road movie about a group of strippers” that would lean more “towards a broad comedy.” Which, to be completely honest, doesn’t sound that awesome.

Do you want to see a more comedic Magic Mike sequel that takes the boys and their thongs on the road?

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