George Miller Confirms The Death of Justice League: Mortal

In a recent appearance on a morning talk show in Sidney, Australia, director George Miller revealed that he is no longer involved in the Warner Bros. production known as Justice League: Mortal. The project, which has long been one of great interest to folks online, had stalled earlier in the year due to the writers strike and other production complications, and now it finally appears to be dead in the water. That is, until Warner Bros. can line up another director.

According to a Dark Horizons report, Miller explained that studios only want “bigger stars in their superhero movies now.” Meaning that having Adam Brody play the Flash, Armie Hammer play Batman and Megan Gale play Wonder Woman isn’t going to cut it. And when you really look at it, stars or no stars, it never seemed as if Miller had the chops for a superhero movie of this magnitude, with this many iconic characters. In fact, I would contend that Warner Bros. still isn’t ready to make a Justice League movie — their DC Comics line of films is still so disheveled, despite the success of The Dark Knight. They have a long way to go before they can start throwing these characters into the same movie. Who knows, they will probably continue to try, even if it is a terrible idea.

Should Warner Bros. choose to keep this project alive, who do you think should take over as director?

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