George Clooney Takes Off in a Bathtub Rocket Ship in the New Tomorrowland Trailer

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The second full trailer for Disney’s Tomorrowland has arrived by way of the UK, and it provides a lot more of a hint at what this movie is all about. It’s basically Jupiter Ascending, except instead of Channing Tatum and his rocket boots there’s George Clooney and his bathtub rocket ship. Also, there’s a line spoken by Britt Robertson — this movie’s “the one” – that’s reminiscent of what Marty McFly says before heading to the year 2015 at the beginning of Back to the Future Part II (and end of the first one): “Why? Did something happen over there? Something bad?” I’m sure it’s just for the green-band marketing that we don’t hear her continue, “did we all become assholes or something?”

And then some asshole bad guy soldiers get past the hologram dog and bust into Morpheus Clooney’s home, and he and Robertson are off to a land of jetpacks and fighting robots and Hugh Laurie wearing one of Eddie Redmayne’s costumes from Jupiter Ascending, but he’s a good guy. Then we’re back in the present for Clooney and Robertson and Laurie to take off in another rocket ship launching from the Eiffel Tower. It’s all still very confusing but also still very exciting, if only because of the words “from the director of The Incredibles” on screen reminding me that this is a Brad Bird movie and will indeed be awesome.

Bird co-wrote Tomorrowland with Damon Lindelof, and I wonder if the opening shot of the long countdown clock is supposed to remind us of Lindelof’s TV series Lost. Because it does. I won’t make any joke about how the answers these trailers are raising for us aren’t going to be satisfyingly addressed in the end. The movie opens on May 22nd. After which we’ll still have until June 31st to completely wonder if Bird should have just done Mission: Impossible 5 instead of this.

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