Geek Gift Guide: Arrested Development The Complete Series for $29


Today’s a big day for all of you deal hunters and Arrested Development lovers out there. Amazon has put the entire series, all 8 discs worth, on sale for $28.99 for the next 24-hours. This set usually retails for $110 — that’s 80% off for those keeping score at home.

If you’re not familiar with Arrested Development, it is the unfortunately short-lived Fox show that starred Jason Bateman as Michael Bluthe, a noble man born into the world’s least noble family. After his father’s (Jeffrey Tambor) business dealings finally land him in deep trouble with the government, Michael must step up and keep his family — complete with an alcoholic mother (Jessica Walter), his neurotic sister (Portia Di Rossi) and her sexually ambiguous husband (David Cross) and his idiot magician brother (Will Arnett) — from eating each other alive. It is quite possibly the second greatest comedy to ever grace the world’s television listings, right up there behind Seinfeld.

And with all of the excitement and buzz around the Arrested Development movie that is currently in, er, development, this would make a perfect gift for the AD-lover on your list. Or if you’d like to buy it for me, I won’t complain. Just head over to Amazon or click the image above to score this awesome deal.

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