‘Gayby’ Trailer: Making a New Family the Old-Fashioned Way

By  · Published on September 14th, 2012

Well, good luck watching this first trailer for Jonathan Lisecki’s Gayby without smiling and laughing like a nut, because damn if this isn’t two minutes of charming. The film stars Jenn Harris and Matthew Wilkas as a pair of best friends who have the same problem – can’t land a good man – and the same quest – want to have a baby – so they decide to just chuck convention and do it together. The old-fashioned way.

While that storyline might sound a bit old hat, Lisecki’s film is actually quite fresh and he’s not afraid to take it in some really unexpected directions (the kind that have carry real world repercussions that films this funny usually just gloss right over). As our own Allison Loring says in the film’s first trailer, it “delivers heart and hilarity.” Cute alliteration and all, but she’s right. Gayby is a charmer. Let’s all give birth to our own Gayby after the break with the film’s first trailer.

Gayby opens in NYC on October 12th.

You can read the rest of Allison’s LAFF review of the film HERE, wherein she deems it “an incredibly funny look at modern relationships and families from a distinct voice that proves you do not need to follow ‘the rules’ or other people’s preconceived notions to find love, happiness, and fulfillment.”