Gaming Doc ‘Second Skin’ Now Available for Free Online

One of my favorite films from last year’s SXSW film festival, the MMORPG addiction documentary Second Skin, is now online and free for all to see. Which eliminates any excuse that you may have previously had for not seeing it.

From filmmaking brothers Juan Carlos Piñeiro and Victor Piñeiro, Second Skin focuses on the world of online gaming and the addictions that are formed within the computer-driven worlds and realms of cyberspace. It is a cautionary tale, but also one that promotes understanding – the understanding that there are social and societal explanations to these gaming addictions, these online communities. As someone who has known a few hardcore gamers in my day, I found it relatable and incredibly well-framed. It doesn’t look down on the gaming community, but hands them the microphone and allows them to tell their story.

For more of my opinion on the matter, I would point you in the direction of my SXSW 2008 review. To see the whole she-bang for yourself, just check it out below, courtesy of HULU.

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