Game of Thrones: The Best Moments of ‘The Bells’

Burn, baby, burn.
Game Of Thrones The Bells
By  · Published on May 14th, 2019

Drogon Roasts Euron’s Fleet

Bells Euron Turnaround

Those fucking Scorpions, man. You know, I had this idea that full-grown dragons were like fire-breathing sky tanks—basically indestructible, etc., etc., etc.—but turns out they’re more like giant hot air balloons that pop when poked with a pointy thing. Yeah, I know, about halfway through the episode Daenerys goes full “Mad Queen,” but during this scene, I’m still 100% Team Dragon, because Euron and his Iron Fleet ex machina are incredibly annoying and need to die in a sea of fire, which is exactly what happens. A+.

RIP The Golden Company

Bells Golden Roast

We should have known they were useless the moment they didn’t bring elephants. Anywho, the hyped up sellsword company ended up being absolutely useless (cool shields, though), but still, their demise is fun to watch, and the Dothraki deserve a good scene to remind viewers that they are, in fact, badass. And apparently not nearly as decimated as “The Long Night” would have led an observer to believe.

Tyrion Walks Through The Wreckage

Bells Tyrion

This is one of those “it’s great if you ignore the fact that it makes no narrative sense” sort of moments. Because seriously Tyrion, you’re wearing no armor and carrying no weapon and you’re just… walking through an active war zone? I remember when the characters in this show used to do things that made some modicum of sense. Gods, the writing was strong then… *sighs*

“Sandor, thank you.”

Bells Sandor

While Jaime Lannister went back to his season 1 bullshit in a spectacularly underwhelming fashion, Arya Stark appears to have been saved from a similar reversion to the depths of her season 5 darkness by none other than Sandor “#1 Murder Dad” Clegane, who gave a rousing “don’t end up like me” speech that successfully knocked the Night King-slayer back on the path to a (hopefully) brighter future.

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