Tonight's 'Game of Thrones' Gets a Rousing Fan Made Trailer

Let the energetic chords of Led Zeppelin carry you 'Beyond the Wall.'

Game Of Thrones Beric Flaming Sword

Let the energetic chords of Led Zeppelin carry you ‘Beyond the Wall.’

Tonight’s episode of Game of Thrones, titled ‘Beyond the Wall,’ is undoubtedly the most anticipated episode the show has delivered yet. And despite the fact that it’s already leaked online and all the spoilers are everywhere, it’s also likely to be the event of the year. A Magnificent Seven is going North of The Wall on a mission that can be described as anything from insane to completely suicidal. But if Jon Snow is going to convince everyone in the South that the Army of the Dead is legit, they’re going to need proof.

This alone would be enough to keep us sufficiently hyped, but that’s not how the Game of Thrones fandom works. Thrones fans are detail-oriented, relentless sorts who spend their off-hours celebrating their favorite show in a number of ways. In this instance, we’ve got reader and video editor Nick Growall, who made this trailer for ‘Beyond the Wall’ in the style of superhero cinema. Because if you’re going to assemble the Westerosi Avengers/Suicide Squad, you could at least give them an appropriate trailer.


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