In one of the most successful instances of the snake eating its own tail, six years after the boundaries of cinema shook with Akira Kurosawa’s SEVEN SAMURAI, director John Sturges returned the honor-bound heroics to the Western genre that so deeply inspired the Japanese director. Kurosawa was so impressed by THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN that he presented Sturges with a ceremonial sword as a gift. Has an artist ever received such an enthusiastic thumbs up?

Now, 56 years after the miraculous remake to one of film’s finest hours, TRAINING DAY director Antoine Fuqua attempts his own tip-of-the-hat. Will the snake gobble down, or choke on its tail this time around? Next weekend will decide the succession of Sturges’s sword, but I sure do love the idea of another relevant MAGNIFICENT SEVEN in our theaters. It appears I’m not the only one either.

The Poster Posse is a collection of talented artists from all over the world that often set their sights on geekdom’s most valued treasures. They’ve tackled everything from STAR WARS to FURY ROAD, but they’ve also shown curious love to films like MCFARLAND USA and 47TH RONIN. Their scope is as varied as fandom itself, and no matter what content has perked their interest, it’s impossible to look away.

This week the Posse rounded up artists Simon D elart, Doaly, Chris Malbon, and Matt Needle to ride along with THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN. It’s an eclectic batch of styles, and whether you dig on minimalism or grindhouse reverence, the Poster Posse has a print ready for your wall.

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