Funny People: Adam Sandler as a Man-Baby is Hilarious


Alright Judd Apatow, you win this round (again). His upcoming film Funny People follows the story of a successful stand-up comedian turned actor named George Simmons, played by Adam Sandler. And in the film there are several movies within movies, decidedly bad comedies that in which George Simmons has acted along his long, commercially successful career. In the film, some of these films will appear as posters in the background, while others will actually appear on screen.

One such on screen movie within a movie is George Simmons in Re-Do, the story of a business man who meets a wizard who agrees to make him ‘young again.’ The only problem is that the wizard turns him into a baby. Justin Long also appears as what we can only assume is the brother of Craig (Simmons), the guy who becomes a baby. Check out the official synopsis below and a clip from the faux film, courtesy of the folks at Funny or Die.

Craig, a workaholic lawyer, never made time for his relationships. Alone and depressed on his 40th birthday, he wonders about the life he could have lead. But be careful what you wish for…you might just find yourself in diapers! When a wizard gives Craig a second chance at his youth, he discovers that sometimes it takes becoming a baby to learn how to be a man.

Funny People is in theaters on July 31, 2009. It also stars Seth Rogen, Jason Schwartzman, Johan Hill, Eric Bana and Leslie Mann.

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