[FSR Retro] Ramis to Help Write Ackroyd’s Epic Ghost Comedy?

by Robin Ruinsky

Editor’s Note: This article was part of our April Fools 2010 project, in which our site was transported back to April 1, 1980. To see all of the retro articles written for this event, please visit our April Fools 2010 Homepage.

According to an inside source, Saturday Night Live’s Dan Ackroyd is reportedly pitching a supernatural comedy about ghost hunters who travel through time to go to war with fiendish apparitions.

There’s not much info on the project, but there’s a rumor that Harold Ramis is showing interest in collaborating on the screenplay with Ackroyd. Interest from Ramis is no small thing. This is the man who penned the hits Meatballs and Animal House.

Details about this film are as elusive as a ghost in a haunted high rise. It’s early, so there’s no director, no cast, no solid details about the story other than it’s being pitched as a supernatural comedic ghost story on an epic scale.

But let’s think about it. John Belushi could have the inside track to play the ghost hunter as he and Ackroyd are both SNL alumni and Belushi was in the Ramis hit Animal House.

As for directors? That’s tougher, but the word “epic” could point to Steven “1941 Spielberg. He directed Belushi in the film, and if anyone brings epic to the screen, it’s Spielberg.

Even though this is all rumor and speculation, we’ll keep an eye on it.

What do you think? Could a comic film about Ghost hunters be a hit?

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