Fringe Star Defends Us Against ‘UFO’

By  · Published on November 23rd, 2009

I’ve never seen “Fringe,” so I have to assume that it’s a science fiction show about a few teenagers working out their relationship problems, sneaking into each other’s bedrooms and pondering deep, deep thoughts out on the local lake.

Now, Joshua Jackson will be attempting to build a film career off of his television career on said show.

What’s that you say? He’s already done this once before? Good to know.

Also good to know is that Variety is reporting that the star has signed on to play the lead in the film adaptation of a cult hit 1970s British television show (you can see why Hollywood is clamoring for it). This raises two questions:

  1. Can an actor jump to movies, fail, jump back to television, and then jump back into movies and succeed?
  2. Where the hell is our big screen “Red Dwarf” movie?

The second is clearly the more important, but UFO will be hear sooner, and it will be directed by Matthew Gratzner – a first-time solo director with seasoned experience in the visual fx department. His resume is miles deep with everything from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to Iron Man to Men In Black.

Speaking of which, the plot sounds eerily similar….Jackson will be playing Paul Foster, a pilot who joins an underground group hidden (you know) underground, fighting an alien race that keeps stealing humans.

So all around it sounds like a return to the 1990s. And the 1970s. And where is my damned Red Dwarf movie?

What do you think, friends?

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