Friedberg and Seltzer Making ‘The Starving Games’ Is Worse Than State-Sponsored Murder

You know their resume by now: Date Movie, Epic Movie, Vampires Suck; writing and directing duo Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are in the spoof business, and they’re famous for it because of how bad they are. Or, at least, they’re famous here on the Internet because of how bad they are. Out there in the real world their movies seem to be pretty well-liked, because each unfunny failure they churn out ends up raking in enough money at the box office to give them the chance to make more. The real world is a scary place.

The cycle of abuse continues. Apparently enough teenagers used the release of Vampires Suck as an excuse to make out in the dark for it to be profitable, because Friedberg and Seltzer are getting yet another chance to regale us with their insightful take on the state of modern films. This time they’re going to be taking on The Hunger Games by releasing a parody film called The Starving Games.

Of course, this new movie won’t be a parody of The Hunger Games alone ‐ taking a skewed look at just one thing for an hour and a half might actually involve some talent, wit, or effort ‐ so The Starving Games is going to be packed full of references to all sorts of recent blockbuster hits, including The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part II. I’m sure you can picture how it’s going to look; we’ve all been through this song and dance enough times already.

If only someone had warned us back in 2000 when we were all buying tickets to Scary Movie that we were signing a contract with the devil to sit through a ceaseless parade of embarrassingly bad non-spoofs for the rest of our lives, I can’t imagine nearly as many people would have went through with seeing it. Even with the promise of seeing Anna Faris’s comically huge bush get trimmed with a weed whacker, that just isn’t a good deal. [Variety]

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