Friday the 13th: 10 Things I Liked, 5 I Didn’t

10 Things and 5 Things for Friday the 13th

Editor’s Note: As with many of our Ten and Five articles, this article does contain spoilers. Consider yourself warned.

This weekend was a winner for horror fans as Jason Voorhees sliced and smashed his way through teenagers and box offices alike. Racking in an estimated $42.2 million in 3 days, the film is a certifiable hit that will hopefully (and almost assuredly) deliver us a sequel in the relatively near future. Needless to say I was happy to sit in a darkened theater with my favorite slasher of all time and in doing so, I came up 10 things I totally liked. And 5 I didn’t.

10 Things I Liked

10. Aaron Yoo. This guy was utterly hilarious and dominated all his scenes. Loved him.

9. Smarter Jason. Fans of the original four films will realize that Jason wasn’t always a mindless hack and slasher, but rather had some degree of intelligence when it came to utilizing weapons and mindfucking his victims. This Jason is back and smarter than ever.

8. The Score. I know some people were upset Harry Manfredini didn’t do the score, but the job done by Steve Jablonsky was totally awesome.

7. Humor. The latter Friday films had healthy doses of humor in the kills and the way people acted and this film has laughs at all the right times. “Where the fuck are you gun!?”

6. Past References. There are plenty of nods to the other films, from death by sleeping bag to a wheelchair in his underground lair.

5. The Franchise. After this, there is no doubt – Jason is back.

4. Brutality. Despite the humor, the film is still dark and serious when Jason is doing his thing. You need a bit of terror in any good slasher film.

3. Number of Deaths. I need high body counts and this one was over a dozen. Fantastic.

2. Boobs. There were plenty of them. Need I say more?

1. Derek Mears. I love all the guys who have played Jason over the years, but Derek Mears is a great guy, and he plays a terrific Voorhees.

5 Things I Didn’t Like

5. Structure. Like Death Proof, this film spends about 30 minutes getting to know characters that have little to do with the rest of the film. While those scenes are awesome with great kills, I’m not a huge fan of that structural choice.

4. Danielle Panabaker + Amanda Righetti. I love both these ladies, they’re awesome and beautiful. But the way they were presented in this film in regards to makeup and hair and wardrobe, they looked just a little too similar for my tastes. At the press junket, they’re clearly two very different women. Not sure what it was in the film that made them seem so similar.

3. Crazy Ralph. Where the fuck was Crazy Ralph!?

2. Show some Butt! I appreciated the T&G (tits & gore) but let’s remember that the original Friday the 13th flicks didn’t hesitate to show us some A and even the Full Frontal from time to time. Let’s not be prudes, fellas.

1. Drugs, Drugs, Drugs. Drugs are a vital part of the teenage slasher equation, but I’m so over it. In this one, the kids are ridiculously over the top in their love of drugs, especially in the beginning.

There it is folks. Ten things I was digging and 5 areas that could bear a little improvement. I was struggling a bit on the 5, because as a Voorhees vehicle, there wasn’t really much missing. I really did enjoy the beginning segments, but like I said – the structure is not my favorite, but in this case maybe it was necessary.

You’ve heard my thoughts – now share yours!

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