Freida Pinto is the Next Bond Girl

In the world of cinematic espionage, there is no role more coveted than that of a Bond girl. Sure, men have the chance to actually play James Bond, but the ladies really get the chance to become iconic. There are Bond girls – like Ursula Andres or Honor Blackman – who are more memorable than some of the men who played Bond. Seriously, does anyone even remember George Lazenby at this point? So it goes without saying that the selection of the latest Bond girl is big news. And today it looks like we’ve got big news.

Freida Pinto, best known for her role as Latika in the Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire, has reportedly signed on to be the next Bond girl in the series’ 23rd installment. Yahoo UK is reporting that director Sam Mendes and producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have settled on Pinto as the next lady who will surely spell trouble for Mr. Bond, as played again by Daniel Craig. It is also being said, by “a source,” that Sam Mendes’ Bond 23 will be the franchise’s most ambitious film:

“Sam has been talking about Bond for months now and is so excited about it. The project has been in the pipeline for months and Freida was always the dream Bond girl, but initially she was nervous about accepting it. This is going to be the most ambitious 007 yet. Sam plans to reinvent the genre.”

Reinventing the genre would be ambitious indeed. And there’s certainly room for it, as Marc Forster’s Quantum of Solace left Bond with plenty of options for the future. He can go after the evil shadow empire known as Quantum, or take on a number of other global bad guys. Though if tradition means anything, I have a feeling that Bond’s fight against Quantum will continue. It’s all up to Peter Morgan (The Queen), who has finished at least one draft of the script.

The Yahoo report also claims that Bond 23 will be set in Afghanistan, but there’s been no official word on that yet from MGM. We’re working on confirmation of that and the Freida Pinto story, so please stay tuned.

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