‘Freeloaders’ Trailer: Broken Lizard Tricked Into Appearing in a Terrible Movie

Freeloaders Movie

The last time Dan Rosen directed a movie, it was the middling thriller The Curve (aka Dead Man’s Curve) in 1998. He hasn’t been steadily working since then or anything, but now he’s back with a second directorial effort called Freeloaders that has a new NASCAR style trailer: the only thing good about it are the crashes. And there are many.

The premise is good enough: a bunch of slackers living in a rock star’s mansion are about to get kicked out because he wants to sell, so they try to raise money to buy it from him. Unfortunately, well, just watch the trailer for yourself and get ready to laugh for the wrong reasons:

The filmmakers behind the worst National Lampoon and American Pie spin-offs have got to be feeling pretty good about themselves right about now.

Freeloaders is being touted as another Broken Lizard flick (or being sold as “From the Producers of Super Troopers”) and while that’s technically correct, this is nowhere near being the same animal. They appear in bit roles, and two of the Super Troopers producers are involved, but that’s it.Still, it’s not like anyone will make the distinction. This is some low rent feces that should have premiered in the dollar bin at K-Mart that has their name (but not their talent) all over it, and that’s really very sad.

It’s also pretty clear that they were a power in getting some of the cast together (and probably getting this thing off the ground at all). After all, without those selling points, this thing would be in a drawer somewhere still.

Maybe it should have stayed that way.

The film is available on VOD December 11th and hitting select theaters in January 2013.

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