‘Freaky Deaky’ Casting Camilla Belle Makes Me Happy Pappy

I’ve been crushing on Camilla Belle pretty hard ever since I saw her show up on Conan last week to promote her upcoming film From Prada to Nada. So it was some strange serendipity when news came down the line that she has signed on to upcoming Elmore Leonard adaptation Freaky Deaky, seeing as I’d already been creepily Googling her name all day. It’s like she’s trying to tell me something!

But the charm and beauty of the lovely Ms. Belle isn’t the only thing that this one has going for it. Elmore Leonard novels have a surprisingly decent track record going when it comes to big screen adaptation to begin with, and this one has already signed on everybody’s favorite actor William H. Macy to star. Plus the story is about an estranged couple who made their living blowing things up reuniting one last time to cash in on a huge blowing things up score all while being hunted down by a Detroit cop who is having his last day on the bomb squad. I love movies about cops who are trying to retire, but get sucked in to chaos!

So, to recap: This movie adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel has 1) Camilla Belle 2) William H. Macy and 3) Lethal Weapon plot tropes. Where I come from we call that a triple threat. And explosions!

Source: The Playlist

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