‘Freakonomics’ Trailer Shows the Hidden Side of Everything

Reading “Freakonomics” was sort of a badge of honor for presumably independent-thinking business school students back in college, but its effect cannot be overstated. It was part of the non-fiction revolution taking a deeper look into the world that we live in from a younger generation that refused to wear tweed jackets or talk quietly in class.

A generation more pop-cultured than cultured.

It makes sense that in adapting the best-selling book into a film, the younger generation of well-known documentary filmmakers would be asked to add their own true story about connectivity to the mix.

It was difficult to visualize before the trailer, but it looks as though the film will at least tackle two sections of the book – one involving cheating and sumo wrestling and another about children’s names and socio-economic status.

The film’s segments were put together by some of the best and brightest in documentary filmmaking today:

  • Super Size Me’s Morgan Spurlock
  • Taxi to the Dark Side’s Alex Gibney
  • Jesus Camp’s Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing
  • Why We Fight’s Eugene Jarecki
  • King of Kong’s Seth Gordon

It’s unclear just how “rogue” these filmmakers are, but it looks like the blend of pop culture and economics has been achieved yet again. It might also have some surprises. Sexuality and Nudity, eh, Freakonomics?

Wacky Sumo Wrestlers.

What do you think?

Check out the Hi-Res version over at Apple.

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