Fox Atomic to the Rescue

I couldn’t stop grinning after seeing the trailer for 28 Weeks Later for the first time. I loved 28 Days Later, and saw it as not only one of the best horror films in years, but also one of the best films I had seen in years. The new film from Fox Atomic continues 28 weeks after the first film left off. I know what some of you might be saying,and  that is a long time. Have no fear, Fox Atomic has come to the rescue.

Fox Atomic Comics commissioned horror icon Steve Niles to tell the tale that begins before the film 28 Days Later, and ends with the events that usher in the sequel 28 Weeks Later. Fox Atomic Comics, with their first graphic novel, is making waves already by showing off talent like Niles and cover artist Tim Bradstreet. The graphic novel is broken up into stages, each illustrated by different artists all with a very unique style. Not only is the writing and art excellent enough to appease any comic fan, but also for any fan of the film.

The graphic novel covers four stages: Development, Outbreak, Decimation, Quarantine. Development is a stage that gives a bit more back story to the plot of this film franchise. Decimation covers 29-32 days after infection, some story bridging the two films. Quarantine gives some insight of what to expect from the new film. I can’t stress this enough. If you have seen the trailer for 28 Weeks Later (found here) and have no idea what is going on, go buy this graphic novel. Again, Fox Atomic Comics comes to the rescue. Here is a tease. The first chapter of the graphic novel right here for you.

If that doesn’t get you excited, then check your pulse. Make sure to check back for more upcoming coverage of 28 Weeks Later as part of our 2007 Summer Movie Smackdown!

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