Four Brothers Sequel Five Brothers Is A Go

by David Baxter

Four Brothers, the John Singleton directed 2005 thriller, is set to be sequel-ized according to THR. It will literally be called Five Brothers. Lets all imagine for a second that Mark Wahlberg, et al get a new baby brother, that while only being a child, has picked up their gangstorial habits so shoots up local nurseries. But unfortunately my spec-script “Gangsta Baby” lays unmade.

Instead what we have are no details whatsoever, not even on casting. Mark Whalberg seems to have a full plate laid out with at least three projects hurtling screenward, but maybe this will career up his career plan with a nice paycheck? I can’t think of another reason than money to make a sequel, as the artistic merit hardly warrants it. So who’s back and what they’ll be doing when their back is a mystery wrapped in a crap film, sorry enigma. I don’t mean to trash John Singleton, I love Boyz-N-The-Hood and Higher Learning is an underrated gem. Maybe a new dawn is coming when John Singleton doesn’t make derivative films that are loosely urban. We will find out in due course I’d imagine.

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