Flynn Lives: Tron Legacy Viral Game Continues Tomorrow

Film School Rejects has just received a message from the folks over at, the website at the heart of the latest viral marketing game associated with Disney’s upcoming sequel Tron Legacy. For a few weeks, the site has been counting down to a ‘zero hour’ that will reveal the next steps. In recent days, a list of cities (seen above) has appeared on the site. We now know that the website is recruiting agents in these cities for the next step of the game.

Below is the text from the official email, with the subject line ‘The fight continues…’

To all those who passionately believe that Kevin Flynn, digital pioneer and legendary game designer, is still alive… LISTEN UP!

Our last event at Flynn’s Arcade was a call-to-arms for those of us who won’t buy into Encom-driven public propaganda about what happened. We’re not crazy – there’s more to this story than they are letting out.

Today, we have the chance to find out more… to get closer to the truth. WE NEED YOUR HELP!


We need operatives in 25 different cities around the world on Wednesday, February 24th. Organize now. For more information visit:


The Flynn Lives website is about to launch private Member Profile pages to better organize our group. If you haven’t already, click here to set up your username and password.

It appears as if we will know more tomorrow. For now, some of you might want to do what the email says and join the cause. You never know what might happen (we’re reasonably sure that it’s an early look at the first full-length trailer, but it’s hard to say for certain).

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