First Bloody Pics From ‘Rec 2’ And ‘H2’

Two horror movies, one awesome and terrifying, the other severely flawed, are expecting sequels later this year. The first pics from the upcoming films have shown up over at Shocktillyoudrop, but we’ve combined a few for you here.

First up is Rec 2, the follow-up to the Spanish original (that received a fairly faithful albeit unnecessary US remake called Quarantine). The first film was a kinetic bloodbath at times and featured one of the scariest goddamn scenes ever viewed through night vision. The sequel is being helmed by the same directors and sees the return of the very fine female lead, Manuela Velasco. One appears to be from a magazine,

Rec2 - What the Hell is happening here?


Rob Zombie’s sequel to his remake of Halloween has also released a pic via his MySpace blog, this one presumably of Laurie Strode mere moments after the first film’s conclusion. I wasn’t a big fan of Zombie’s film… the grown-up Michael was violent and dark, but the made-for-TV melodrama that preceded his appearance was boring as hell (and that little blonde girl that grows up to be Michael was pretty damn annoying too). Here’s the pic:


Are you excited about either of these sequels?

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