Firefly Coming to Blu-ray?

Yes, we are very aware that the clock has struck midnight here on the East Coast, meaning that the barrage of April Fool’s Day jokes has begun on the web, but this one you can take to the bank — we are not playing games here at Film School Rejects. We are not going to be telling you that Christian Bale has signed on for Justice League or that Jake Gyllenhaal is playing Spider-Man, we are actually going to be reporting the news that is, as far as we know, completely true.

This little tidbit comes to us from our most faithful spy, PatientZero, the humanoid who brought us the news about The Blob hitting the big screen in Wolverine. This time, he comes to us with news that will tickle the fancy of any Joss Whedon fan — and we know that there are a lot of you out there. Check it out:

Hello Rejects,

Got a little bit of news that might interest you and your readers so I figured I’d share again. Fan favorite and tragically canceled show “Firefly” will be getting the High Definition treatment! Now I’m personally a big fan of the series, so this is good news to me! “Firefly” will be hitting stores later this year (no idea on the exact date) in the Blu-Ray format. Of course everyone knows that “Firefly” was created by comic superstar Joss Whedon and was like a space-western show that spawned the movie “Serenity.” It’s criminal how little attention this show and movie got, so I feel the need to spread the word that Blu-Ray is coming! Support this series! I for one want more more more!



So there you have it — for anyone who was itching for a Blu-ray release of Firefly, you have some good news today. Of course, as you can see we have very limited details, so we don’t know the when part of the equation. Either way, it is coming, so be on the lookout.

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