Finally Shunned By the Comedy World, Kevin James and Adam Sandler Turn To Parking Your Car For You

By  · Published on December 8th, 2010

The gravy train was bound to end someday. Unfortunately, for Adam Sandler and Kevin James (and for audiences) it seems to have broken down outside a hotel where both men are planning on seeking employment.

According to Deadline Rochester, Sandler and James are both aiming to star in Valet Guys – a movie about two middle-aged parking attendants who witness a murder and have wacky stuff happen to them after that. Essentially, it’s Men At Work with valets instead of garbage men. Of course, they may need to keep a few garbage men nearby for when the movie is done.

James and Sandler have both had strong careers and played their parts in subverting comedy. They should realize that the world expects more from them than falling down a lot and making funny voices. Apparently, they haven’t gotten that memo yet. Sony is probably hiding it from them behind the giant MIB banner at the entrance.

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