Final Twilight Book Sinks Teeth In, Sells 1.3 Million on Day One

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie MeyerIt seems that just about everyone knew that Stephenie Meyer’s latest vampire novel would be a bloody success, but “Breaking Dawn” is even bigger than anyone expected.

The 4th and final installment of the “Twilight” saga easily broke first day sales records for the Haggette Book Group, largely due to midnight book parties in bookstores and libraries on Friday to help boost figures. The success of the book was so overwhelming that Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, released a second printing of 500,000 copies prior to publication., which puts the in-print figure currently at a ridiculous 3.7 million copies.

“These record-breaking figures prove that Stephenie Meyer is a pop culture sensation,” said David Young, CEO, Hachette Book Group USA.” In my years in the industry, I’ve never witnessed such a rapid ascent to bestselling celebrity.” Hmm, has Young heard of J.K. Rowling? Young went on to say “Stephenie has created an extraordinary world that readers of all ages have embraced and we couldn’t be happier to be part of the Twilight phenomenon.”

But will the astounding success of “Breaking Dawn” serve as a catalyst for further success on the big screen? All reports, including a huge reception at Comic-Con, lead me to say yes. The “Harry Potter” saga has made a ton of cash at the box office. The success of the “Twilight” saga is very similar. I just better not have to sit next to kids who call themselves Raven and Misery.

Do you think the success of “Breaking Dawn” will translate to box office gold? Are you excited for the “Twilight” films?

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