Film Score Double Shot: Elfman for T4, No Morricone for Basterds


This is either one of those situations where I give you the good news first followed by the bad news, or I just load you down with a double shot of bad news. So, here goes:

Your wife’s cheating on you.

Just kidding. I’m sure you’re just imagining things. She’s probably totally faithful. The real bad news is that composing legend Ennio Morricone won’t be scoring Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. According to The Playlist, a personal favorite of mine, Morricone is passing on the project because there won’t be enough time to do an adequate job – but mostly because he’ll be focusing on scoring for Giuseppe Tornatore’s new film, Baaria: La Porta del Vento. Apparently, Morricone doesn’t want to ruin his 41-year long streak of scoring for Tornatore’s films.

In other news, an established talent things QT’s pace is too quick. Someone had to say it.

In other other news, MTV Movies Blog is reporting that Danny Elfman will be bringing his talent to scoring Terminator: Salvation. The composer is unsure as to whether he’ll use the original Terminator Theme as of yet, but it seems like a no-brainer to include a subconscious tie to the other films in the minds of the audience.

This is either good news or bad news depending on your position on Elfman. While I’m not as sour on his work as others might be, I’m not sure he’s the right fit for Salvation. Original Terminator composer Brad Fiedel would have been great to have. Or Hans Zimmer. Or (if we’re dreamcasting) Jerry Smith (R.I.P.)would have knocked something like this out of the park.

What do you think? Is Danny Elfman a good match for Terminator: Salvation? Did anyone actually see Forbidden Zone? Did you just watch it because that cute, blonde girl is topless for most of it? Me neither. I watched it for Herve Villechaize.

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