Film School Rejects + One Perfect Shot: What to Expect

Change can be scary. Let’s all get in our bigger boat and figure it out.

To say the least, it’s been a busy week here at Reject HQ. For those who follow us on the various platforms of social media, this next part won’t come as a shock: the rumors are true, we have acquired One Perfect Shot.

It’s in Variety, it has to be true:

Film School Rejects Buys One.Perfect.Shot. (EXCLUSIVE)

For longtime followers of One Perfect Shot, I’d like to welcome you to Film School Rejects. As this might be your first time visiting us, allow me a moment to give you a bit of history. Film School Rejects was founded in 2006 as an oasis for the burgeoning critical minds of a generation of new media savvy bloggers. Translation: we had no idea what we were doing at the time, but we wanted to write about movies. Over the years, it’s ebbed and flowed on its way to becoming exactly what I didn’t know I wanted to create: an online home for critical eyes and cinema-filled hearts. Here at FSR, we love movies, television, comics, and anything within the pop culture realm. We also love discussing and unpacking these experiences with our readers. That’s what criticism is to us: it’s analysis and a discussion about a shared experience. It’s not about being overly cynical or snarky – though that happens from time to time – it’s about sharing the experience and, hopefully, helping each other understand these experiences. I like to say that you can go anywhere to find out the “Who, What, and When” kind of news in the world of entertainment, but you should come here to discuss “How and Why.”

It’s on this foundation that Film School Rejects has built modest success in its decade of existence. And for years, we’ve operated with a fierce independence. In May of 2016, as many of our cohorts around the blogosphere were being acquired by media companies, we took another big step toward solidifying our independence, one of 12 websites to exclusively join the Medium Publishing Platform alongside sites like The Awl and Bill SimmonsThe Ringer. What Medium has built is a place where independent publishers can thrive, grow their audience, and deliver a reader experience that is light on ads and heavy on substance. What we’ve learned over the past 6 months is that this journey is a big puzzle, and our piece fits perfectly in with Medium’s.


Last month, I was approached by Geoff Todd with an opportunity that would lead to the placing of another perfect puzzle piece. We’ve always admired the mission of One Perfect Shot, a website and brand dedicated to the love of cinema. It’s always been a celebration of those perfect moments that can be created when cinema is at its best. As Geoff explained in the final post on the One Perfect Shot website (linked above), it’s time to hand OPS off to someone who will take good care of it while he focuses on writing new articles for FSR while caring for his two sons, one with special needs. From the moment we began discussing it, I knew that the FSR team is exactly the group to do so. And in the weeks that we’ve been planning this merger, I’ve come to discover that the two teams – now smashed together to become one – fit nicely together. It’s that shared love that binds us.

There are also more pragmatic reasons why FSR and OPS are a good fit. On the Film School Rejects side, we have a great team of writers dedicated to covering what’s happening now and what’s about to happen in the world of entertainment. On the OPS side, a strong dedication to looking back throughout the history of cinema and celebrating everything that’s right about the medium. Those two ideas work together well, as does all of that #content.

Longtime readers of both sites are probably wondering: what can I expect? What’s going to change as these two sites merge? Here are just a few things you can expect to see in the coming weeks and days.

The Same One Perfect Shot

Many fans of One Perfect Shot discovered it first as a Twitter account that shares beautiful imagery from cinema’s history. That is one thing that won’t change. While Geoff is taking some time off, he isn’t going far. He’ll still be our guiding light for posting shots and continuing the legacy that he’s built with OnePerfectShot. We’re also going to tap the talented minds of FSR to help flesh out the oeuvre of Perfect Shots, hopefully delving into new and beautiful territory.

We’re also very happy to welcome H. Perry Horton and a group of very talented writers to the FSR team, where they will continue to publish (and in some cases publish more) content that sings the song of cinematic love. (Oh god, that was corny.)

For the older OPS website content, everything has been migrated here to FSR by our friends at Medium. You can find it by clicking the “One Perfect Shot” button in the menu at the top of the site.

New Logos!

This might only be exciting to me, but as you’ll notice, both the FSR and OPS social media accounts got fresh coats of paint on their logos. We got some red on us.

New Horizons

As we’ve begun to integrate the two websites and teams, we’ve already had discussions about how we’re going to grow together. There are some immediate benefits – like the return of Short Film of the Day and Movie News After Dark. And there are future things on our agenda, including discussions about a One Perfect Shot podcast, fun hashtag projects, huge galleries, oral histories, new article series, and so much more. Behind the scenes, the wheels are turning in overdrive. So stay tuned.

Both teams are very excited about this new journey and we can’t think of anyone better to share it with than you, our readers. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to drop them in the Responses below and I’ll happily respond personally. Otherwise, welcome to the new era of Film School Rejects, now bolstered by the spirit and talent behind One Perfect Shot.

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