In this week’s podcast conversation, we talk to producer Stephen Scarlata about his latest, ‘Beyond the Gates,’ and so much more.

The format of Film Itself is simple. Each week we talk to someone either inside or outside the film industry about the work they do and the films they love. This week, we sit down with producer Stephen Scarlata to talk about Jodorowsky’s Dune, his new film Beyond the Gates, and even a little Jaws and Friday the 13th.

Stephen’s new film got me thinking, I miss video stores. Sure, here in Portland we have one of the best video stores in the world (Mike Clark’s Movie Madness), but I miss the days when video stores were on every corner like Starbucks. And just like the green giant of coffee, they stuck video stores inside grocery stores and gas stations, we were surrounded by movies. Remember how the box-art would draw you in and have you convinced that there was an amazing movie behind that horrific cover. More times than not the movie and the cover were two very different things (I’m looking at you Future Kill). Well, guess what? There’s this clever new film from my friend Stephen Scarlata called Beyond the Gates (now available to stream on Netflix) that is an ode to VHS, video stores, and those crazy VCR games, and the best part is the beautiful cover art of the Blu-ray matches the quality of the film inside (still looking at you Future Kill).

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Check out Beyond the Gates via Amazon below and follow them on Twitter @Beyondthegates_.

Beyond The Gates [Blu-ray]

Welcome, curious viewers…have you the courage to go Beyond The Gates? After their father’s unexplained disappearance, two estranged brothers (responsible Gordon (Graham Skipper) and reckless John (Chase Williamson)) reunite to sift through the contents of his stubbornly anachronistic V…

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